Who Are YOU? (part one)


What do you think about when you’re alone and no one sees you? When nothing is forcing you to think about anything specific? Are your thoughts of God? Or are they on something else? Do you confess yourself with God about the things you physically have done or things you think about?

Your constant battle with who you are and who you want to be starts in your mind. What you think (mind) is how you will feel (heart) and ultimately how you will react (body). Pretending to be something you’re not takes more energy than just being who you are.  Accepting yourself is the first step in determining the outcome of your battle. Comparing yourself to others is the worst thing you could ever do. You will either never measure up or think yourself greater and in doing so, you will inevitably end up defeated.

God made you unique for a reason.  The task that has been entrusted to you no one else can carry it out but YOU! God’s plans will always start and finish, with or without you.  But wouldn’t it be better if you were involved in the solution?

One day we will all be before our Creator. When you do, what will His reaction be when you return what He has placed in your hands?