Remembering Our Men & Women

Memorial Day is soon upon us.  Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly known as Decoration Day and commemorates all men and women, who have died in military service for the United States. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day and it is traditionally seen as the […]

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Fun Writing

Here is me trying to get away from my usual writing.  I love poetry and invite you to submit your own.  It is usually fun to try to come up with either words that rhyme or not.  It is yours to build.  So here we go, enjoy: Stressed and frustrated from the day’s events Where can I […]

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Where was GOD?

How many times have you asked yourself this question? We read the bible and come to a verse like Romans 8:28 where it says, “We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him. They are the people he called, because that was his plan.” And I know in your […]

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Who are YOU? (part two)

Who are You? Are you what you do: a teacher, an accountant, a mother? Or are you what you have achieved: honor student, MVP, winner? Or are you the things you have done: the good, the bad? Or are you what others think of you: nice, ugly, tall, chubby? Are you all these things or […]

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