How much do you love?

good1 What are you willing to do for your neighbor? What are you willing to sacrifice for those you don’t even know?

Selflessness is a rarity these days. We are more concerned with ourselves than anyone else. It is what is taught in the schools and the workplace.

There are those who would give their place to others or stop and help someone else without expecting anything in return. The story of the good samaritan comes to mind but not because someone stopped to help the injured man on the road but because of the actions of those who are said to be the leaders of a nation and did nothing and just walked away.

If we have the capability to serve and help others as we would like to be served and helped, why is so hard to do so? If you really dig deep, you will find the answer to be something you would not expect or maybe you would – PRIDE. We are too proud to lower ourselves to a servant’s role. We think it to be the lowest form of humanity or think of it as a slave. But Jesus says that who ever wants to be great in heaven will be the servant of all here on earth.

Are you willing to let go of your pride and help someone with whom you have no contact or don’t even know?