Both Sides of the Coin

e2b3f55af79c68411ce59d5577275aec--a-new-beginning-new-beginning-quotes-fresh-startWhen thinking about new beginnings, what comes to your mind? For some, a time frame such as new years, or an event such as a new job, new family, new relationship, etc. The importance of new beginnings is that it can be started at any time and any moment you feel you need a fresh start. The flip side to that is that is can also be difficult and lonely during the process.

One thing that makes it so difficult to start something new is that we don’t really know where to start. Yes, of course, the possibilities are endless. They are infinite, in fact. But that is part of what makes it so difficult to begin. Because where should you begin when you can begin anywhere? In the face of all that possibility, all that blank space, it is easy to feel a little intimidated.

And I suppose that’s a reason new beginnings can be a little challenging because, in addition to the fact that there are multiple ways we could begin, there are also multiple ways the story could end. We do not always get to choose our endings. In fact, most of the time we don’t. We commit ourselves to the process without any guarantee of how things will turn out. This is the great risk of living our lives: there are so many things we don’t get to choose.

At the beginning of a new year, or a new relationship, or a new job, or a new season, I think we intuitively recognize this: that no matter how many good intentions we have to lose weight or eat better or be more vulnerable or change that bad habit or pattern, or re-write a part of our story we haven’t loved, that we ultimately are not in charge of every detail, and we are at the mercy of so many things over which we have no control.

imagesIn the midst of the difficult choices of new beginnings, the one thing that keeps us afloat is a simple four letter word,”HOPE” In defining hope – to desire with expectation of obtainment or fulfillment, we see the answer to what can make a new beginning difficult can also make it promising.  We venture into this new process with the anticipation of meeting with good and exciting adventures and with an expectation of being fulfilled.

So whether your new beginnings are for the better or not, remember that change is never welcomed by most but you can at least look forward to something new and exciting.

Have an awesome day!