Beauty is all around us if we open our eyes to see
Beauty is not always harmful in creation it delights
Beauty can calm the souls of those who see the light
It is the attraction of the world that it becomes key

In the hands of man it has become a weapon of sorts
It is used to lure those who lust for flesh 
How great men have fallen like sport
Those who would carry the scent still fresh
Of their simple demise supports

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
It is sometimes magical and other times shy
It can be bold or bewildering Harmful or lingering
And have the power to make others cry

It will test the humble and push the vain
It will devour the weak of minds with disdain
To those that possess it Beauty may hold you captive
For in keeping it nurtured
You may become disruptive

It seldom poses a threat when admire for what it is
All around us it is in the form of bliss
It is in the Trees, the birds of the sky,
In the meadows we see when we drive by,
It is in the oceans, the mountains, and the sky so blue
It is everywhere around you.