Foundation Shaken

Have you ever had something shake the foundation of your being? You know one of those moments where you feel like the world is coming to an end or should? I just had that happen to me. It’s amazing when God tests your resolve or who you are in Him. When your foundation is shaken […]

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New Journey

I have not written in a while and just a few minutes ago a submitted several pieces that I had written before so it was easy to cut and paste them. Hence the reason for this particular topic today. Many times in our lives we lose focus and somehow get out of the path that […]

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Leadership – Character Part II

Good leaders, the best leaders, are constantly looking for an edge. They are learning whatever they can, in order to gain new insights, hear fresh perspectives, and see new opportunities. There’s a quote, often attributed to the Roman writer Seneca the Younger, that reads, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”   – John Maxwell  […]

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Life is defined as the period between the birth and death of a living thing. In this span of time that you are existing in, what have you learned? What makes you tick? What makes you frustrated? What makes you happy? And what motivates you to move forward?   As for me, I have learned that […]

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How much do you love?

 What are you willing to do for your neighbor? What are you willing to sacrifice for those you don’t even know? Selflessness is a rarity these days. We are more concerned with ourselves than anyone else. It is what is taught in the schools and the workplace. There are those who would give their place […]

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 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions REJOICE?  What does it mean to rejoice?  Is it possible to rejoice in the midst of problems and situations? Well, let’s see if we can shed some light on the matter now. Welcome once again to Thoughts of Expression.  I have been […]

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Don’t Give In

This is the second full week of the new year. If you have made a resolution and find yourself already showing signs of slowing the momentum down, Don’t give up. Great things take time. And all things worthwhile are not easily attained. This is just a little bump on the road.  You can do this. […]

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Happy New Year

A new year has begun and many are excited to finally get started on  a goal or a resolution. We all start with great ideas of how we may want to change ourselves, our situations, or even status. What goals have you set for yourself? What accomplishments are you looking forward to achieve? What about yourself […]

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The Greatest Gift

Christmas time is upon us and many are buying gifts for a loved ones, friends, or an acquaintances. If I were to ask you, what has been the greatest gift you have ever received?  What would that be? What is the meaning of Christmas? When we look at our current state in society, what is the […]

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